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Welcome to the Peppa Pig World’s blog, where you can find out more about Peppa, her family, friends and other characters from the show. Explore our pages, where we have lots of fun things for you to see, draw and colour in! You’ll come across Peppa Pig wallpapers for your computers and mobile devices, learn how to draw Peppa, colour in pictures of her family and friends, and so much more!

Look further and you will see our interactive content, where you can learn the lyrics and sing some of Peppa Pig’s songs, maybe learn the notes so you can play them on your favourite instrument and follow Peppa-inspired recipes. Do you think you know anything and everything about Peppa Pig? Test your Peppa Pig knowledge with our quizzes and explore all we have to offer on this blog.

If you like going behind the scenes and want to find out more beyond the show, then check out our pages on the voice actors. Who voices them? When were they born? How did they become voice actors? Could you become one? We have the answers to those questions, and probably some more you are thinking about.

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