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Who are Peppa Pig’s Friends?

Monday 9th May 2022
Written by: Marketing Team
Peppa Pig and her Friends - Peppa Pig World

Peppa Pig has so many friends – she’s very popular. Peppa is friends with all kinds of different animals from her community and her playgroup. If you want to learn more about who Peppa’s friends are then you have come to the right place. We’re going to tell you all about Peppa Pig’s best friends.

Who are Peppa Pig’s best friends?

Peppa Pig’s best friend is Suzy Sheep. Peppa has other friends from her playgroup and the community. Peppa’s other friends include Rebecca Rabbit, Candy Cat and Emily Elephant.

Complete list of names of Peppa Pig’s friends:

Let’s take a closer look at some of Peppa Pig’s friends and learn more about them!

Suzy Sheep

Suzy Sheep is Peppa Pig’s best friend. Peppa and Suzy met when they were babies. Mummy Pig is able to show Suzy and Peppa photographs from when they were babies. Although they don’t remember being friends when they were that young, they are very glad to know that their friendship goes back that far.

Suzy Sheep comes to play at Peppa Pig’s house frequently. They like to jump in muddy puddles together. Suzy Sheep likes to play nurses and her favourite card game is snap! She loves to sing and play dress up.

Sometimes Suzy Sheep and Peppa fall out a little bit, but they always say sorry to each other and make up afterwards.

Suzy Sheep almost moved away to another country when her mum, Mrs Sheep, got a new job. Peppa was sad about this and gave Suzy her favourite crown with a handmade card, but, luckily for Peppa, Suzy didn’t end up moving away after all!

The sound Suzy Sheep makes is “Baa!”

Rebecca Rabbit

Rebecca Rabbit is one of Peppa’s best friends and she’s the big sister of Richard Rabbit. Richard Rabbit is Peppa’s little brother George’s very best friend.

Rebecca has a big family! Rebecca Rabbit lives in a warren on the same hill as Molly Mole. She lives there with Mummy Rabbit, Daddy Rabbit, Richard Rabbit and their younger twin siblings Rosie and Robbie Rabbit. Rebecca Rabbit also has an aunt called Miss Rabbit and her grandfather is Grampy Rabbit.

Rebecca Rabbit is a little bit embarrassed of her favourite food, which is carrots. She tries to hide her love for carrots from her friends and blushes whenever she talks about them.

Rebecca Rabbit can be quite shy and blushes when she is in the limelight. She is also very sweet, very forgiving and very protective of her younger brother Richard.

Zoë Zebra

Zoë Zebra is the daughter of Mr Zebra. Mr Zebra is the postman and Zoë likes to help him deliver the post to the neighbourhood animals. When Peppa leaves her favourite toy, Teddy, behind at a picnic, Zoë delivers Teddy back to Peppa’s home.

Zoë lives with her mum, Mummy Zebra, her dad, Mr Zebra, and her cheeky younger twin sisters; Zuzu and Zaza. Zoë Zebra gets along well with her little sisters. Zoë wants to be a postwoman when she grows up.

Zoë is friendly, kind and quiet. She has a toy picnic set and likes to play picnics, where she serves pretend orange juice and pretend cake. Her favourite toy is her stuffed monkey and she treats monkey as a pet and speaks for him in his own little monkey voice.

The sound Zoë Zebra makes is “Brrrrr!” and she also makes an “Oooh Oooh Oooh!” sound when she’s playing with Monkey.

Candy Cat

Candy Cat attends the same playgroup as Peppa and that is where they meet. Candy Cat is best friends with another of Peppa’s friends, Emily Elephant and they all like to play together.

Candy is a kind friend who is very good at skipping and this is her talent at the school talent show. She is also good at singing. Her favourite song is the nursery rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle. Her favourite thing to drink is milk and she likes to eat fish fingers.

Candy likes to play dress up and she also likes pretending to be a tiger. She loves tigers because she knows that they are big cats! She shows her friends how to play tigers by teaching them to creep along and then… pounce!

Candy is very happy and friendly and doesn’t like it when other people argue. She lives with Mummy Cat and Daddy Cat.

When Candy is happy she makes a purring sound. The sound Candy makes usually is “Meow!”
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Emily Elephant

Emily Elephant is Peppa’s friend from playgroup. She is also Candy Cat’s best friend. Emily lives with her mummy, Mummy Elephant, her daddy, Doctor Elephant and her younger brother Edmund Elephant.

Emily Elephant was very shy when she first visited the playgroup but she soon made friends with everybody there. The other children are excited to play with her and to show her where to hang her coat.

Despite being shy, Emily is loud because she has an elephant’s trunk.

Emily likes to play building blocks, which she is very good at. But her favourite game is to jump in muddy puddles, which Peppa also loves to do! Emily is very helpful and likes to help her family at home.

Emily’s sound is a trumpet call: “Eeooooorrrhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Gerald Giraffe

Gerald Giraffe is a friend Peppa meets at playgroup. Gerald is a very nice friend. He is the tallest kid in the class!

He sometimes gets sad about how much taller than the rest of the children he is. Being very tall, Gerald is easy to find in hide and seek, which makes him feel sad. However, he learns that his height is an important part of who he is and also can be very helpful when the children lose their ball in a tree and he is the only one tall enough to get it down.

While saving the ball from the tree, Gerald also find’s Dr. Hamster the vet’s tortoise who has escaped from his box.

Gerald is the son of Daddy Giraffe and Mummy Giraffe. Daddy Giraffe works at the zoo!

Danny Dog

Danny Dog is Peppa’s friend from playgroup. His best friend is Pedro Pony. Danny Dog is the son of Captain Dog, the sailor, and he’s the grandson of Grandad Dog, who is best friends with Peppa and George’s grandfather, Grandpa Pig.

Danny Dog is cheerful and imaginative. He likes to act and is very good at it. He likes to pretend to be a pirate and he has a pirate themed birthday party! He absolutely loves pirates and he also loves football.

Danny likes to help Grandad Dog mend cars in his garage and enjoys joining him on sailing adventures.

The sound Danny Dog makes is “Woof Woof!”

Freddy Fox

Freddy Fox is in Peppa’s playgroup. He is the son of Mr Fox, who owns a shop. Freddy fox is playful and a cool character. He can also be a little bit of a show off, but so can Peppa so they are friends.

Freddy Fox has a keen sense of smell and is really good at smelling things. His sense of smell will come in handy because he wants to be a police officer when he grows up.

The sound Freddy Fox makes is “Yap! Yap!”

Pedro Pony

Pedro Pony is Danny Dog’s best friend and Peppa’s friend from playgroup. He is the son of the Optician, Mr Pony and his mummy is Mummy Pony.

Pedro can play the Ukulele! He loves pretending to be a cowboy and even dresses up as a cowboy to Danny Dog’s pirate themed birthday party.

Pedro Pony can be quite clumsy and is also prone to being a little bit late to things. Pedro wears glasses and a bright yellow shirt. His catchphrase is “Hmmm… Interesting.”

Molly Mole

Molly Mole and Peppa Pig became friends instantly when they met at playgroup. She lives with Mummy Mole and Daddy Mole. The Mole family live in the same hill as Rebecca Rabbit and her family, so they play together frequently.

Molly Mole loves attending playgroup. She is amazing at digging holes and wears glasses and a purple dress. Molly’s parents also wear glasses because moles don’t have very good eyesight, due to living underground.

Molly Mole’s animal noise is squeaking, which she does with her eyes shut!

Mandy Mouse

Mandy Mouse joins Peppa’s playgroup and they become friends. Mandy lives with Mummy Mouse.

Mandy Mouse is a wheelchair user. She is super sporty and an incredible basketball player. She can often be spotted in the background holding a ball because she’s always ready to play.

Mandy loves to play games and is the fastest of all the children. She can also play the recorder.

Mandy’s noise is “Squeak” just like Molly Mole.

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All images in this article are taken from Peppa Pig Official Site

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