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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Daddy Pig

Monday 29th August 2022
Written by: Marketing Team
Daddy Pig - Peppa Pig World

If you’d like to know more about Daddy Pig, you’ve come to the right place. This article is full of fun facts and information about Daddy Pig so you can arm yourself with so much trivia that you’d come top of the class in a last minute Daddy Pig Pop Quiz.

Here at Paultons Park, we absolutely adore Peppa Pig. We’re big fans. There’s just something about the colourful, whimsical and magical world full of friendly talking animals that we just cannot get enough of. So much so that we built the world’s first official Peppa Pig theme park!

Peppa Pig is an incredible star of the show and, of course, we absolutely love her. But the show has so much more to offer than its title character and we really appreciate the rich tapestry of supporting and recurring characters that the creators have offered us. One of our absolute favourite characters is… Daddy Pig.

It is simply not possible to dislike Daddy Pig. He is playful, fun, humble, clever and has a clumsiness that most of us can relate to. Let’s learn more about him.

Who is Daddy Pig?

Daddy Pig is the father of Peppa Pig and George. He is the husband of Mummy Pig. Daddy Pig loves his family and frequently joins in with games, activities and adventures.

What does Daddy Pig look like?

He is an adult Pig with a brown beard and moustache. He wears black round-rimmed glasses, a teal outfit and small black shoes like the other characters in the show. He sometimes changes his clothes e.g. to swim or to go out with Mummy Pig. Daddy Pig gets grumpy when he loses his glasses because he cannot see very well without them.

Daddy Pig’s Height and Age

Daddy Pig’s age and height aren’t given in the show, although it is estimated that he is 6ft6” tall and in his 30s. Daddy Pig’s birthday is June 30th.

Daddy Pig’s Oink

Daddy Pig is the loudest pig and makes the biggest oink sound in the show. Daddy Pig makes a big OINK during the opening credits when Peppa is introducing her family and it makes everyone laugh.

About Daddy Pig’s Car

Daddy Pig lives with Peppa, George and Mummy Pig in a little yellow house with a red roof on the hill. He parks his car on the hill next to the house. Daddy Pig’s car is a red convertible. The whole family is often seen going out in the car. Mummy Pig sits with Daddy Pig up front and Peppa and George ride in the back.

Daddy Pig absolutely loves his car. He looks forward to trips in the car but prefers to drive than to navigate. Between you and me, he isn’t as good at map reading as Mummy Pig, although he would never admit it. When Daddy Pig is responsible for reading the map, they sometimes get a bit lost.

You can join in the fun by riding around Peppa Pig World in one of Daddy Pig’s Cars on Daddy Pig’s Car Ride. Steer a brightly coloured vehicle around the track, taking in the sights and sounds and waving to Peppa’s friends as you go by. Don’t forget to stop for traffic lights!
Vroom vroom, it looks like so much fun!

Daddy Pig's Car

What does Daddy Pig do for work?

Peppa and George sometimes go with their dad to work. He works in an office. We are not told what Daddy Pig’s job is but he does explain it as “taking big numbers, transmuting them and calculating their load-bearing tangents”. From his explanation, and the fact that he is frequently seen with blueprints, we can assume that Daddy Pig is either a structural engineer or an architect.

What does Daddy Pig like to do for fun?

We see Daddy Pig enjoying many activities and hobbies during the show and we learn that he is generally a very jolly guy. He likes to read the newspaper and he loves to play with Peppa and George. He affectionately calls Peppa and George his little piggies.

Daddy Pig doesn’t like certain types of exercise but he does enjoy playing on the local football team and he is an excellent diver. He can even dive off the very high board at the swimming pool, despite being afraid of heights.

Daddy Pig loves Mummy Pig very much and likes to go out with her. When they go out together, he wears a grey outfit and hat.

His favourite foods are cookies, spaghetti and pumpkin pie. Daddy Pig loves to watch TV and to sit on the sofa. His friends are Mr Bull, Mr Rabbit, Mr Pony and Mr Zebra.

Peppa Pig and Family Playing in Mud

Daddy Pig’s Puddle Jumping

Like most of the characters in Peppa Pig, Daddy Pig loves to jump in muddy puddles. In fact, he’s actually a CHAMPION at jumping in muddy puddles and wears a special suit when he goes to the championship. Daddy Pig wears green boots to jump in muddy puddles.

Daddy Pig’s Brother

Daddy Pig has a brother called Uncle Pig. He is sometimes depicted as being a little stubborn or childish and he gets grumpy when people compare him to his older brother.

Daddy Pig’s Parents

Daddy Pig’s parents aren’t mentioned in the show, but he does get on well with his in-laws, Granny and Grandpa Pig.

Daddy Pig’s DIY Projects

Daddy Pig is the self professed “DIY expert of the house” but he isn’t very good at DIY. He sometimes has DIY disasters which end up making a big mess, but he always manages to get things fixed up and in a better state before Mummy Pig comes home.

Daddy Pig’s Big Tummy

Peppa Pig frequently teases her Dad about the size of his tummy and, although he does try to take it in good nature, it does sometimes upset him.

Meet Daddy Pig in Real Life!

You can come and meet Mummy and Daddy Pig together at Peppa Pig World this Summer as they will be appearing throughout the Summer holidays! Why not pop by and say hello? They’d absolutely love to see you.

Now that you’ve learned all there is to know about Daddy Pig, why not check out our special quiz Which Peppa Pig Character are You? to make sure that you’re all clued up and ready for your day here at the park? See you soon!

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