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What is there for older children and teenagers to do at Paultons Park?

Thursday 22nd July 2021
Written by: Marketing Team
Storm chaser

Paultons Park is a great day out for the whole family! Parents with older kids and teenagers will have an awesome time exploring the park as well as those coming with younger families. Worried that there will be nothing for your eldest to enjoy whilst you wander through Peppa Pig World? The recent opening of a brand new land, Tornado Springs, is targeted towards older kids and teenagers looking for rides that will put their heads in a spin.

What the Scariest Ride at Paultons Park?

Tornado Springs has some of the park’s scariest rides yet with Cyclonator and Storm Chaser. Come on Storm Chasers! Take an exhilarating ride on the spinning and swirling Storm Chaser and try to capture the perfect storm on this awesome spinning roller coaster.

You can then make your way to the mighty Cyclonator where you will spin and swing to a height of 25 metres! Experience Cyclonator’s awesome power as it harvests the crops for the residents of Tornado Springs. No doubt, this gyro swing pendulum ride will leave you in a spin!

Cyclonator gyro swing pendulum

Exciting Thrill Rides at Paultons Park

Outside of Tornado Springs the park also offers a selection of thrill rides such as The Edge which swoops and spins through the air reaching a height of 15 metres on a giant disc travelling along a 90-metre track at 43mph! The first in the UK, The Edge features a ‘camelback’ hill to create an amazing floating sensation!

The Edge Ride at Paultons Park

If you can still handle more thrills then you can then make your way to the dinosaur land of Lost Kingdom. A Jurassic world where Dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes greet your every turn, an unbelievable prehistoric landscape where you will see, hear and feel that you have been catapulted back to a long-forgotten era. Another thrilling ride in the park is Magma. Only the brave enter the caverns of molten rock and discover the Jurassic secret entombed below. When Magma erupts adventurers rise up and spin-out from the smoke 25 metres into the clear sky above, only to face a stomach-churning plunge back into the fiery heart of the volcano below! Perfect for the thrill-seeker in your family!

The Magma Drop Ride

Hidden away in Lost Kingdom is The Flight of the Pterosaur, a mighty and unique 395m long suspended dinosaur coaster, which swoops adventurers high and low around the prehistoric landscape with speeds over 30mph! Soar high into the skies as your feet dangle in the open air.

Lost Kingdom

Just around the corner is Velociraptor, but be warned, only the bravest explorers will take on this ride. Board this breath-taking dinosaur coaster and sense the speed and agility of the Velociraptor as it drops from 20m and sweeps around tight bends at speeds of up to 40 mph before reversing to do it all again! What more could you wish for!

The Velociraptor Roller Coaster

So, you thought there was nothing for older children to do at Paultons? Think again!

But don’t just take our word for it, come and explore the park for yourselves and be blown away by the adventure that awaits.

The perfect theme park for teenagers and older kids!

Paultons Park

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