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Things to do at Peppa Pig World that your 2-year-old will love

Wednesday 2nd June 2021
Written by: Marketing Team
Peppa Pig World

Have you been thinking about taking your toddler on their first theme park adventure? Bring them to Peppa Pig World. The first Peppa Pig Themed park here at Paultons Park. We are sure they will have an amazing experience.

We will be honoured to welcome you and your family for a day of laughs, adventure and unforgettable memories. Peppa Pig World is full of fun activities for the whole family, with plenty to do here for small children PLUS children under 1-metre visit for free!

Peppa Pig and George

Planning your visit to Peppa Pig World

Bringing a 2-year-old to a theme park can be daunting, but planning will help make sure that your big family day out goes smoothly. Peppa Pig World is a theme park for children, so you will find plenty to do here with your toddler and our friendly staff are always happy to help answer any questions.

The park was designed with your child’s needs in mind. We have facilities here that you and your family can make use of throughout your visit.

Here are some of the family-friendly facilities available here at Peppa Pig World:

  • A dedicated baby changing centre and areas to warm milk.
  • Child-friendly toddler seats on all the toilets.
  • Lockers for hire, where you can store heavy items and extra changes of clothes.
  • Buggy parks adjacent to many of the rides.
  • A free downloadable mobile app that shows queue times, so you can see how busy all the rides and attractions for toddlers are.

What to bring to Peppa Pig World

We know how important it is that your 2-year-old is comfortable while they explore the park, so we’ve put together a little list of things to bring to the park.

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Towels
  • Swimwear
  • Wellies
  • Change of clothes.
  • Light blanket

Food, drinks and ice cream are available to buy in Peppa Pig World, but you can also bring your child’s favourite snacks with you to the park. Please remember that small children should be supervised and that it is also a safety requirement that they keep their shoes on at all times on the rides.

Now that you’re ready for your day at Peppa Pig World, let’s take a closer look at some of the park’s rides and attractions that are suitable for small children.

Rides for 2-year-old at Peppa Pig World

Grandpa Pig’s Little Train Ride

All aboard! We love riding on this bright, bold and cheerful little train as it travels along the track past pastel buildings and colourful scenery.

Grandpa Pig’s Little Train Ride

Your 2-year-old will love waving to the park guests from the train as they ride along with Grandpa Pig and enjoy the ride’s happy soundtrack.

There are no height restrictions on the little train and up to 2 adults and 2 children can ride in a single carriage, so the whole family can join in the fun. Full steam ahead!

Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride

Does your child dream of big adventures? They can get a taste of what it would be like to fly up into the sky in this hot air balloon themed ride that provides fabulous views over the whole of Peppa Pig World!

Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride

Your toddler will be delighted to experience the small thrills of Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride as they feel their balloon rising into the air. Each balloon can hold up to 4 adults and 2 children and Peppa Pig stands proudly on top of the ride, looking over the park.

We think this ride is a must-do and the perfect addition to your day at Peppa Pig World!

Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club

Hop on board to sail away with Grampy Rabbit! We think this gently spinning boat ride is absolutely adorable and it beautifully showcases some of Peppa Pig’s best loved characters.

Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club

This splishy splashy water adventure is a colourful and immersive experience for small children, who will love travelling to Pirate Island in one of these colourful boats. See if you can spot Peppa Pig and her friends!

Each Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club boat holds a maximum of 4 people. This is one of the most exciting water rides for toddlers but is still a relaxing and enjoyable experience for everyone.

George’s Dinosaur Adventure

Hold on tight as you and your toddler bounce along the track on George’s favourite toy “Mr. Dinosaur”. There’s plenty to see from the track as you ride through the garden past trees, flowers, bees and butterflies.

Don’t forget to wave to Peppa Pig as you pass by her house!

George’s Dinosaur Adventure

Children must be 85cm tall to ride George’s Dinosaur Adventure and must ride with an adult unless they are taller than 110cm. Don’t worry, if your child is shorter than the minimum height requirement, there are plenty of other attractions for toddlers here at Peppa Pig World!

Daddy Pig’s Car Ride

Beep beep! We all know Daddy Pig loves his car and this is your chance to drive it around Peppa Pig World. You might just see Peppa and her friends as you go.

Each of the vehicles on Daddy Pig’s Car Rides travels along a track and holds up to 4 people. The 2 front passengers of the cars each have a steering wheel, which means that your toddler will really feel like they are driving the car.

Daddy Pig’s Car Ride

The ride takes you along a grassy garden track through colourful scenery and props that are themed to look like they’re straight out of the animated series.

The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride

Travel like royalty! Your child will feel like a VIP as they hop into their own special carriage for this exciting tour of the park.

Starting from the Queen’s Castle, the Queen’s Flying Coach Ride is a gentle tree top monorail with fabulous views of the whole park from the air. Your child will absolutely love seeing all the other attractions from up high and they might even spot Peppa Pig and George in their royal attire!

The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride

Each individual carriage is themed differently and can hold up to 4 adults and 2 children. We think you’ll agree that this is one of the fanciest rides for toddlers in all the kingdom!

Windy Castle Ride

Float in a cloud high above the park in this fun twirly tower ride. You and your family will be lifted up into the air in a magical cloud carriage as you go around the Windy Castle Ride.

This ride is fun for the whole family and small children will marvel at the up and down, round and round motion. They will love waving at friends and family down below or the people in neighbouring clouds as they pass them by on this sky-high adventure.

Windy Castle Ride

Each of the cute fluffy cloud gondolas will hold up to 2 adults and 2 children. We think this exciting and magical ride into the sky is one of the best rides for toddlers in the world.

Grandpa Pig’s Boat Ride

Let’s go! Grandpa Pig loves making things and it’s time to ride the waves in one of his boats in this fun sailing adventure!

Your child will love sitting with up to 3 other people in their boat for a splashy journey around this ride. Climb into one of these beautiful toy pirate ships with your family for a trip on Grandpa Pig’s Boat Ride you’ll never forget.

Grandpa Pig’s Boat Ride

Don’t forget to smile, wave and say a friendly hello to the land lovers you pass on this unforgettable ocean journey! Land ahoy!

Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight

Up, up and away! Miss Rabbit has a brand-new helicopter and she wants you to come along and join her for its very first flight. How exciting!

This helicopter themed ride makes a spectacular first time on a ferris wheel for your child. They will be so excited to go up into the sky in their very own helicopter, complete with propellers.

Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight

Watch their faces light up as they fly up high above the park where they’ll be able to see far and wide all around. See if you can spot Peppa Pig’s house from the very top or catch a glimpse of the little train down below. So much fun!

Other things to do with 2-year-old at Peppa Pig World

It is not all about rides here in the park. There are plenty of other attractions to experience on your family day out. Make sure you check out George’s Spaceship Playzone while you’re here, which is chock full of tubes and slides to explore. Peppa’s Magic Photo Studio creates a virtual background for your family to star in front of. Step inside Peppa Pig’s House and see all of her family gathered in the kitchen making breakfast. Plus see if you can spot Madamaze Gazelle’s School House, Grandpa Pig’s House, The Campervan, Peppa and The Queen, Gerald Giraffe, and lots more characters throughout the land!

Your two year old will love jumping and splashing in Muddy Puddles, zooming around Mr Potato’s Playground and – whatever you do – don’t forget to meet Peppa Pig and George! Mummy and Daddy Pig, Zoe Zebra and Suzy Sheep characters will also make appearances throughout the school holidays.

Peppa Pig World is the first and largest Peppa Pig theme park for children and it has been voted best amusement park for five years running on Tripadvisor. We think you will have a lovely time making wonderful memories here with your family. Do not miss out!

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