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All about George’s favourite dinosaur toy

Monday 17th October 2022
Written by: Marketing Team
george pig dinosaur

George is Peppa Pig’s little brother and, just like her, he has a favourite toy. George’s favourite toy is his green dinosaur. George loves his dinosaur toy very much and he plays with it every day.

We often see George’s dinosaur toy in episodes even when it isn’t mentioned. George’s dinosaur toy is frequently seen in the background as he takes it everywhere he can.

What kind of dinosaur is George’s dinosaur toy?

George’s toy dinosaur is a green T-Rex. Just like a real T-Rex, George’s dinosaur has big teeth and little arms.

George’s dinosaur is made from plastic and is very durable. Despite this, his dinosaur toy breaks in the episode George’s New Dinosaur. George’s dinosaur toy’s tail breaks off and George is so upset that he cries. Mummy and Daddy Pig take George to Mr Fox’s shop to find a replacement.

Does George’s dinosaur toy have a name?

George’s dinosaur toy is called Mr Dinosaur but George calls him “Dine-saw” without the “O” sound in the middle.

When the tail falls off Mr Dinosaur, George gets another T-Rex called Dino-ROAR. Dino-ROAR is a battery operated T-Rex toy with moving parts. He roars, he walks and he sings a dinosaur song.

At first, George is very happy with Dino-ROAR but it quickly becomes apparent that it isn’t as good to play with as Mr Dinosaur. Dino-ROAR isn’t durable enough to be played with in the garden, isn’t waterproof enough to be played with in the bath and is too noisy to take to bed. This makes George very sad.

When Dino-ROAR runs out of batteries and stops roaring, Peppa Pig finds Mr Dinosaur’s tail in the garden. Peppa thinks that Mr Dinosaur’s tail is a trumpet and tries to blow through it, but George immediately realises it’s actually Mr Dinosaur’s tail. Daddy Pig mends Mr Dinosaur because he is very good at mending things.

George’s dinosaur teddy

Even though George’s dinosaur is made from hard, bouncy plastic, you can get soft Mr Dinosaur toys that are much better for taking to bed. You can buy these online and at Peppa Pig World and they would make the perfect gift for Peppa Pig fans who love George and his dinosaur toy.
In fact, there is a whole range of Peppa Pig beanies and teddies available that you can choose from at Peppa Pig World, including Peppa Pig’s teddy bear! See if you can find your favourite character…

George’s dinosaur ride at Peppa Pig World

Jump on board Mr Dinosaur’s back and bounce around the park on a not-so-scary T-Rex themed adventure. Mr Dinosaur will transport you on a wonderful journey around Peppa Pig World along a track that winds through trees and volcanoes.

George’s dinosaur ride at Peppa Pig World is a children’s ride suitable for riders who are 85 cm and taller. Small children (under 1.1m) should ride with a parent or responsible adult. This fun filled ride will suit fans of both Peppa Pig and dinosaurs everywhere but will be especially exciting for those who love Peppa’s little brother George. Don’t forget to wave at Peppa and her friends as you pass!

Get your tickets to Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park.

Fun facts about Mr Dinosaur

Here are 5 fun T-Rex facts for kids that you can use to WOW Mr Dinosaur fans!

  1. T-Rex had a big brain for a dinosaur, which means they were very clever!
  2. T-Rex lived during the Late Cretaceous period, 66 million years ago.
  3. T-Rex was one of the biggest meat eaters to ever exist and they ate smaller dinosaurs!
  4. The biggest T-Rex tooth ever discovered was 30cm long!!
  5. T-Rex is short for Tyrannosaurus Rex, which means Tyrant Lizard King.

You can find more information about the world’s most popular dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus Rex, in our blog. Try reading Terrifying facts about T-Rex first!

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