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What does Peppa Pig want for Christmas?

Tuesday 11th October 2022
Written by: Marketing Team
peppa pig christmas

As the days get colder and the nights grow longer, you might be starting to think about Christmas. And what better way to get into the holiday spirit than to think about others and what they might like? Well, Peppa fans all over the world might be thinking about their favourite TV character and wondering to themselves what would Peppa Pig like for Christmas? Let’s find out.

What present does Peppa Pig want for Christmas?

In the book, Peppa’s Christmas Wish, Peppa Pig asks Santa Claus for a doll as a Christmas present. Her little brother, George, asks Santa for a racing car.

Even though Peppa and George have both been very good, Santa only delivers one present! He leaves the racing car under the tree for George but he accidentally leaves Peppa’s present in the bottom of his sack. Luckily, he notices on his way home and visits Peppa and her family to hand deliver her doll!

In the animated version of Peppa’s Christmas Wish, Peppa Pig specifies that she would like a doll that walks and talks and closes its eyes when it goes to sleep.

What gifts do Peppa Pig and her family get for Christmas?

Peppa Pig gets a doll for Christmas, which is hand delivered to her by Santa on Christmas Day. George gets a racing car and all the grown ups in the family are given socks. There is even a present for Polly Parrot under the Christmas tree. Polly Parrot gets bird seed.

What is Peppa Pig’s Christmas Wish?

Peppa’s Christmas wish is that Santa would visit her on Christmas day. She makes this wish while they have Christmas Pudding after their Christmas dinner on Christmas day. This wish comes true in the book as Santa has to hand deliver Peppa’s present after he forgets to leave it under the tree.

Santa comes tumbling down the chimney at Granny and Grandpa Pig’s house! What a surprise that must have been for Peppa Pig. And how nice that her Christmas wish came true.

The book is published by Scholastic, but you can watch an animated version of Peppa’s Christmas Wish too.

What does Peppa Pig call Santa?

Peppa Pig calls Santa ‘Father Christmas’ in the animated series.

In the book, Peppa’s Christmas Wish, she called him Santa Claus.

We see Santa a few times in the Peppa Pig series including at the Mr Potato Christmas Show, in a supermarket, and at a garden centre. Santa also visits Peppa Pig’s play at Madame Gazelle’s schoolhouse and he takes the children and Daddy Pig for a ride through the sky in his sleigh!

How does Peppa Pig celebrate Christmas?

Peppa Pig celebrates Christmas with her family and friends in a variety of ways, which we see throughout the Peppa Pig Christmas special episodes.
Peppa and her family participate in traditions such as choosing a Christmas tree to decorate, gift giving, opening stockings and eating Christmas dinner. In one episode, Peppa and her school friends participate in a Christmas play, which they perform for their parents.

Many people choose to attend a Pantomime at their local theatre around Christmas time and Peppa Pig attends the Mr Potato Christmas Show in one of the Christmas specials. Madame Gazelle takes all of the children from the schoolhouse to see the show. In this episode, Father Christmas comes down the chimney on the stage to surprise the children and wish them a Merry Christmas!

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What does Peppa Pig eat for Christmas dinner?

Peppa Pig eats Christmas lunch with her family. She sits at the table with Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, George, Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig. We don’t see what is on Peppa Pig’s Christmas dinner plate but in the UK, where Peppa lives, it is traditional to have Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, vegetables, gravy and cranberry sauce for Christmas dinner.

In Mr Potato’s Christmas Show we see some vegetables that are traditionally included on Christmas dinner take the stage! These food items are potatoes, carrots, sprouts and a cranberry.

Peppa Pig and her family pull Christmas crackers at the table after Christmas lunch and then they have Christmas Pudding.

Does Peppa Pig like Christmas pudding?

Yes! Peppa Pig and her whole family like Christmas pudding. Peppa and George help Granny Pig make the Christmas pudding by stirring the mixture. Peppa and her family believe in making a Christmas wish while the Christmas pudding is being made.

What is your Christmas wish?

If you made a Christmas wish while making the pudding this year, what would it be?
If you’d like to visit Peppa Pig at Christmas time, you can come to Peppa Pig World where you can meet Peppa and George in their winter attire and even see Santa and his magical reindeer! All tickets for Christmas at Paultons Park must be booked in advance to avoid disappointment.

If you’re looking for festive ideas for the Peppa fans in your life, you should check out our ultimate Peppa Pig themed gift guide, which contains some of our favourite present ideas for this Christmas season!

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