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Top tips for visiting Paultons Park with your toddler!

Tuesday 6th September 2022
Written by: Marketing Team

Parenting is a magical thing, there is no doubt about that. We also know it’s one of the world’s toughest jobs. As a family destination that is home to some serious memory making, we truly see both sides of the coin. Days out as a young family can be just as daunting as they are exciting for parents and carers. That’s why we’re on a mission to offer parents and carers reassurance around days out with little ones.

Here’s our top tips on how you can have the best day ever at Paultons with your little ones!

  • Visit outside of school holidays with pre-schoolers. When the big kids are busy in the classroom, Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World are usually much quieter!
  • Make a play date out of it! Many of the attractions at Paultons have been designed so that the whole family including babies can enjoy them together. Meaning you don’t need to split up. Days out with friends and other parents also means there are extra pairs of hands to help. Plus, it allows you to enjoy different rides with slightly older children if they’re visiting with you.
  • Make use of our Tot Swap policy! Avoid double queueing and use Tot Swap to enjoy the height restricted rides when visiting the Park with Toddlers. It is available at: Edge, Cobra, Magma, Sky Swinger, Raging River Ride, Pirate Ship, Kontiki, Cat-O-Pillar, Dragon Ride, Flight of the Pterosaur, Velociraptor, Temple Heights, Storm Chaser, Cyclonator, Windmill Towers and Al’s Auto Academy.
  • When it comes to lunch time, have a plan of action prepared in advance. At Paultons Park, we have several food and drink outlets, some which offer table service and others with a self-order kiosk both offering different benefits to busy parents. Suss out what feels right for you well before lunch time, so you know where to head before everyone gets hungry!
  • Pack several spare changes of clothes for the children. It may seem like extra stuff to pack unnecessarily, but in case of having too much fun on water rides or a messy nappy change, it’s always handy to have a spare. Don’t worry if you forget though, the Big Toy Shop at Paultons Park is a child’s dream, it also sells practical essentials; whether it’s sunscreen & peaked caps for when the sun is shining brightly, or ponchos & umbrellas for when it’s raining cats & dogs, we’ve got you covered!
  • We all know how important nap time is. Not just for maintaining routine, but for ensuring both carers and children have a relaxing ride home. Paultons Park has expansive gardens that are calm, quiet and serene, perfect for escaping the excitement and getting that all important toddler shut eye! Seek out those quiet spots on days out to induce a calmer mood.
  • Make use of our Baby Care Centres. They offer a convenient, clean and comfortable place for parents to change a nappy, feed a baby or toilet cubicles which are big enough for pushchairs to be bought inside too for ease.
  • Hire a stroller to use on the day, we have a combination of either single or double strollers to suit your needs. We advise pre-booking these before your visit to ensure there is one available!
  • It is important to retain a focus on potty training toddlers, even on days out. At Paultons Park we have award-winning toilets for all users, even those who are new to the loo! All our facilities have child-sized toilets, making that process a little easier for parents.
  • Look for cost savings. Many attractions offer discounts and free tickets for small children. At Paultons Park, all children under 1 metre tall go free all year round!

We hope these tips are helpful in planning your trip and we can’t wait to welcome you to Paultons soon!

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