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What is it like to do Work Experience at Paultons Park?

Friday 14th July 2023
Written by: Marketing Team

My name’s Ruby and this week I have been doing a work experience placement in the Marketing team at Paultons Park.

Paultons Park is an amazing place for work experience. With its diverse range of attractions there’s always something new to learn. Whether you’re working on the rides, the restaurants or any other job, there’s always skills to be developed. In the week that I have been here in the marketing department, I have learnt things that can help me towards college and just daily life. Especially if I decide to take up media studies, film studies etc. This job is not only work, its fun. Usually you’d think of a job like marketing to just be logical and a handful, but its so much more than that. I’m so entirely grateful to be given this amazing opportunity to have a look into adult life. 

Everyday has been absolutely worth my time, at first I was nervous to be put in a different environment than just school as it would be a huge change, even if it was only for a week, however the people I have been around have made me feel so welcome that I no longer felt nervous before.

This week I have done different activities, such as designing all 6 dinosaurs for the new splash lagoon ride, taking candid pictures of all the different animals, personally the Fennec Foxes were my favourite, writing blogs and uploading stories to instagram so people can get an insight of what can be seen at the park. I have been focused on the more media- artsy side of this job yet have still learnt more skills.

Here are some examples of my work: 

I highly recommend taking a step forward, reaching out and using it as your work experience. If your looking for something challenging but mostly rewarding, Paultons is the place for you.

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