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New Victorian Double-Decker Carousel Ride 2014 – Construction Update

Tuesday 22nd May 2018
Written by: Marketing Team

The brand new enchanting double-decker Victorian Carousel ride is due to open at Paultons Park in March this year and we have a variety of new photographs to show you of how the installation is progressing.

The carousel ride will be located adjacent to the Viking Boats ride and the Adventure Golf area and the site was prepared in October last year seen in the image below.

The ride includes an assortment of ornate chariot carriages and hand decorated traditional horses that will glide up and down as the carousel gently spins. Here are images of the horses and carriages being prepared before they were installed on the ride.

At the centrepiece of the ride is a big top that sits on the crest of the carousel. The image below shows the section being carefully manoeuvred into place – a very delicate procedure that our skilled engineers undertook at a great height!

Below you can see the main structure of the ride coming together piece by piece. The big top is completed with a large red globe, the roofing is in place and lighting is installed around the edging, inside and undercover in the ride.

The carousel features double-decker flooring so there are 2 levels that visitors will be able to experience when it is complete including two fully lit staircases that will take guests up to the higher level. There will be an assortment of beautiful traditional horses on the carousel; below you can see them as they are installed into the poles where they will glide up and down – with you on board of course!

There are still various developments to complete at the site of the carousel including a fabulous new topiary period Victorian themed garden to explore and charming music that will make the experience one of the most spectacular carousels to ride in the UK! Before then a team of junior testers have been enjoying a first look at the ride due to open in March 2014.

One of the great features about this ride is that parents & grandparents will be able to enjoy the experience together with their children either sharing the carriages or riding on horseback. If you are a fan of these delightful roundabout style rides then this new Paultons Park attraction for 2014 is not to be missed!

Visit our Facebook page to keep up to date with the progress and see pictures of the new guest welcome area building, restaurant and themed toy shop all due to open at Easter this year as well.

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