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Statement on Safety for Disabled Guests

Thursday 7th January 2021

Statement on Safety for Disabled Guests

Paultons Park is a member of the British Association of Leisure Parks Piers and Attractions (BALPPA) and welcomes visits by people with disabilities and will do everything possible to ensure a safe and pleasurable visit. However, certain rides and attractions can be physically demanding and vigorous. Paultons Park therefore reserves the right to refuse admission to certain rides should it be felt there is a danger to a particular individual for whatever reason.

Paultons Park has been advised by the Health and Safety Executive that refusal on the grounds of health and safety does not constitute discrimination. Paultons Park hopes this is understood and that guests can accept the decision made is in the interest of the safety of all.

There is a Queue Assist Scheme (application required, see here for details) available that is offered as a concession to those who require additional assistance. This is an additional service to guests. This Accessibility Guide issued in conjunction with the Queue Assist Pass will assist our Guests with disabilities to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable day out. All of our rides have information boards detailing rules, restrictions and advisory information. Hopefully these boards along with this guide will enable you to assess your own abilities and make an informed decision as to which rides you are able to use. It is the guest’s responsibility to observe and obey any and all instructions on the boards and within this guide before entering the ride.

Please be aware that persons with broken or fractured limbs are advised not to ride the Cobra, Grandpa Pig’s Boat Ride, Teacups, Temple Heights, Dino Chase, Storm Chaser, Dragon Roundabout, Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride, Pirate Ship, Windy Castle, George’s Dinosaur Adventure, Kontiki, Cat-O-Pillar, Flight of the Pterosaur and Velociraptor. Persons with broken or fractured limbs cannot ride the Go Karts, Cyclonator, Magma, EDGE, Sky Swinger, Buffalo Falls or Raging River Ride. Persons with prosthetic limbs cannot ride Magma or the Raging River Ride.

Please be aware that to drive a Go Kart the nurse will assess each individual Queue Assist user that meets the initial driver restrictions and their decision on the individual’s ability to drive and safely control a Kart is final.

Not all rides are suitable for all guests and each has strict operating requirements based on the containment of the ride, the force of the ride and the evacuation procedure. These are set in accordance with external Ride Inspectors’ requirements and exceptions will not be made. Our staff have to follow all rules and restrictions for health and safety reasons therefore please do not ask staff to break these rules; they are there for your safety and for the safety of others. 

Your safety whilst at Paultons is our prime concern.

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