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Paultons Park Annual Pass Info & FAQs

Sunday 26th September 2021

Our Season Ticket scheme has now been replaced with two new Annual Passes.

The Essential Pass gives you access to Paultons Park with no pre-booking required during our off-peak periods, the exact date for which Essential Passes are valid can be viewed here.

Our Premium Passes allow entry to Paultons on any date the park is open. For most of the dates pre-booking is not required, however some seasonal events such as Halloween and Christmas will require pre-booking. See the Premium Pass calendar for more information. All existing Season Ticket Holders have been moved over to our Premium Pass.

Premium Pass Holders (and existing Season Ticket Holders) are still able to visit after 2pm during these seasonal events without pre-booking.

We’re going green!

As part of our ongoing commitment to protecting our environment, all of our Annual Passes are now accessed digitally via the Paultons Park App. We are no longer printing plastic cards for our Annual Passes.

If you haven’t imported your Annual Pass into the app yet, all you need to do is download the app from your store and head to the Tickets and Account section – then press Import and scan the QR code on your phyiscal pass! Your ticket will then be saved in the app and all you need to do is show the QR code on the app at the turnstiles!

If you decide to renew your ticket, the expiry date in your app will update automatically – it’s so easy!

Full Terms and Conditions apply.

What’s the difference between the passes?

What’s included?Essential PassPremium Pass
No pre-booking required (excluding some season events)✔ ✔
FREE Parking ✔ ✔
Valid for 12 months ✔ ✔
UNLIMITED visits during our off-peak periods ✔ ✔
UNLIMITED visits any time the Park is open ✔
£2 digital downloads for ride photography ✔
20% discount in Food & Beverage outlets ✔
10% discount on purchases from our Retail outlets (excl. photography) ✔
2 for 1 on our amusement games (not prize every time games) ✔
Entry to seasonal events (pre-booking required) ✔

Our two different passes give you the option of being a more regular visitor to the park any time of the year with our Premium Pass, or if you and your family prefer visiting during school term time*, then the Essential Pass is a perfect halfway house, allowing you entry when the park is quieter.

Who can buy a new pass?

For now, sales of new Annual Passes are still suspended – you can register your interest and we will email you when any new passes are available.

Anyone with a current, valid Paultons Season Ticket can choose which pass they would like to renew into on our Annual Pass page. Just select the ‘renew’ option below the pass descriptions and input your current Season Ticket barcode. Note: The number you need to input is the barcode number – mixture of letters and numbers – not your membership number! How much are the new passes?

Please see the table below for prices.

Pass TypeNew PassRenewals
Essential Pass£150£135
Premium Pass£250£225

How do pre-bookings work now?

Premium Pass holders (and existing Season Ticket Holders) will only be required to pre-book visits during certain times of the year, namely our Halloween and Christmas events, exact dates are detailed on the Premium Pass dates calendar.

Once you pre-book you will be emailed a one-time use ticket valid only for the day of your booking, you must bring both your one-time use ticket and your Premium Pass with you. If you can’t find your email confirmation, please log in to your account and view your Order History – you will find your one-time use tickets here.

If you make a pre-booking but cannot attend, you can still cancel your booking in the normal way using the Annual Pass page.

The dates for our seasonal events are usually released for pre-booking a month prior – keep an eye on the website and your email for updates.

Essential Pass holders are not required to pre-book any of their visits to the park, you can turn up on any day marked as blue on the Essential Pass dates calendar but please remember that your Essential pass is only valid on these dates. If you wish to visit on a day that isn’t marked as blue on the calendar then another form of valid admission will be required i.e. a day ticket purchased from the Paultons Park website.

How do I import my Annual Pass into the Paultons Park App?

Head to the Tickets and Account Section of the App.

Press the ‘Import’ button and choose ‘Scan QR Code’.

Find your old physical Annual Pass and scan the QR code, this will import the ticket (you will need to enter your postcode to verify your identity).

If you have renewed your ticket online, you can scan the vouchers attached to your email.

If your QR codes are on your device and you can’t scan them, try screenshotting the codes and sending them to another family member’s device you will then be able to scan them off of their screen!

Your Annual Pass is now saved on your phone and you can use the QR code on your device to enter the park!

If you get stuck head to the Admissions Kiosk or Guest Information at the Park where our team will be happy to assist.

What if I renew my current Season Ticket to an Essential Pass early? Do I miss out on days?

No. If you wish to renew your current Season Ticket early and choose an Essential Pass, you will still be able to use all the benefits of a Season Ticket up to the old expiry date. Once your Essential Pass takes over, your membership will then be governed by Essential Pass Terms & Conditions.

For example, if your old Season Ticket expires on the 1st November and you renew into an Essential Pass on the 1st October, you will still have a month left to use the benefits of your old Season Ticket. After the 1st November your Essential Pass membership will take over.

Don’t forget that when you renew a ticket your old card becomes invalid and a new one will need to be printed for you at our Admissions Kiosk. If you’ve renewed into an Essential Pass membership, then an Essential Pass card will be printed for you – but don’t worry, your benefits will still work up to the previous expiry date, as explained above – just use the Essential Pass card as you normally would.

I currently have an old Season Ticket which is still valid, do I need to do anything?

Existing valid Season Tickets Holders can still use their tickets as normal, with all the benefits of a Premium Pass. When you come to renew your ticket you can choose between the Essential or Premium Pass.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my pass to a different type?

It is not possible to switch between pass types during your membership period. Any changes of pass type must be completed at renewal.

Are there any Terms & Conditions I should know about?

Yes, we encourage all Annual Pass holders to read the Annual Pass Terms & Conditions.

Other FAQs

Can I still visit after 2pm without pre-booking with a Premium Annual Pass or existing Season Ticket?

Yes, you can visit on any day that we are open after 2pm without pre-booking if you hold a valid Premium Annual Pass or existing Season Ticket, including our late nights during October half term.

What if I am unable to attend my pre-booked date having been instructed to self-isolate?

Please cancel your booking here.

Can I purchase normal day tickets to secure my place at Premium Pass seasonal event days?

Yes, of course, but please remember any day tickets purchased from the Paultons Park website are strictly non-refundable, Annual Pass Holders purchasing day tickets to secure their place at the park will not be refunded under any circumstances.

How do I renew my Annual Pass?

If you hold a valid Season Ticket or Annual Pass you can renew it anytime up to and including the expiry date shown on the Ticket at a discounted price. To do this please visit our Annual Pass page and follow the instructions. We can also renew your ticket at the park; on your next visit please ask at the Admissions Kiosk or Guest Information where we will be happy to assist.

Do I need to bring my Annual Pass every time?

Annual Pass holders will only be admitted to the Park on production of their valid Annual Pass, either your Annual Pass card or on the Paultons Park App. Photos of Season Tickets are not accepted. If visiting on a Premium Pass pre-book day, both the date specific pre-book ticket and the Annual Pass will be required.

How do I upload my Annual Pass to the Paultons Park App?

Download the Paultons Park App from the Apple App or Google Play stores. Open the Paultons Park App and navigate to the ticket icon at the bottom of the screen and tap ‘Add Tickets’. Follow the on-screen instructions.

What do I do if I lose or forget my Annual Pass?

If you forget to bring your pass to the park then you will be a charged £5.00 for us to generate a ticket to allow you into the park. We can replace a lost Annual Pass for a fee of £10.00.

Will I receive discounts in the Retail and Food & Beverage outlets?

Only holders of a valid Premium Pass (and existing Season Ticket Holders) will receive discounts in our shops and food and beverage outlets. Your Premium Pass must have been validated at the turnstiles on the day of entry for the discounts to be activated.

Can I still use cash at Paultons?

Paultons Park is now a cashless environment, please bring a contactless payment method (card or mobile phone). If you only have cash on you during your visit, please take it to the Hub where we can exchange it for a Paultons Gift Card you can use around the park.

*some selected Essential Pass days may fall outside Hampshire school term time

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