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Do you have a Queue Assist Scheme?

Wednesday 6th January 2021

We recognise that certain guests require additional assistance in order to be able to fully enjoy their visit to the Park and therefore provide a Queue Assist Scheme for guests with disabilities who may experience difficulties queuing.   This may be due to difficulties in understanding the concept of queuing, having problems with everyday social interaction, having a limited capacity to follow instructions or to understand the emotional feelings of others or may become agitated or distressed having to wait for extended periods of time.  The Queue Assist Scheme is also available to guests who are wheelchair dependent.

To qualify for the Queue Assist Scheme guests must go to the First Aid Centre located near the main entrance on Show Street. Guests will be required to have some form of documentation that states the nature of the disability.  Please note that we do not accept blue badges or DLA letters.

Please visit for details on the scheme and how it operates.

Guests who qualify for the Queue Assist Scheme MUST abide to the rules of any particular ride as detailed on the individual Ride Information Boards located at each ride and as summarised on our Ride Accessibility page. Exceptions to height, age and Health and Safety restrictions will not be made under and circumstances and we ask for a guest’s co-operation on this matter.

Having a registered disability does not automatically qualify guests for the Queue Assist Scheme.  Wheelchair dependent guests can still use the Exit Gates of rides (see our article on Wheelchair Access for more info) with their carers without participating in the Queue Assist Scheme. Number of carers is set out for each ride and attraction detailed on the Ride Accessibility page.

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