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Tornado Springs: A Review by Halterworth Primary Reporters – Cameron, Sean, Georgie, Ellie, Nila and Evie-Mae

Friday 6th August 2021
Written by: Marketing Team
School trip at Tornado Springs

Do you want a really exciting day out? The new, spectacular, thrilling ‘Tornado Springs’ will have you spinning around with excitement. Tornado Springs is the new land which opened at Paultons Park in April 2021. This new area is already proving to be very popular and we are not surprised: it is the perfect day out for everyone!

As you step into this new, incredible, wonderful land, you will feel as though you have fallen into a portal and landed in the heart of the USA. At first you will be enthralled by the classic cars outside ‘Al’s Gas Station’ and your mouth will water at the sights and smells of the scrumdiddlyumptious American diners selling nachos, burgers, ice-cream sundaes and more delicious treats – you certainly won’t get the chance to feel famished.  But then you will notice something. Something is different. Something has happened. Something crazy!

You are alerted by a sign showing a lost cow – lost after the very town you’re standing in was hit by a whirling, twirling tornado. Stop! Listen! You can hear a swishing noise, a swoop…Is another tornado on its way?

The park is filled with screams that seem to echo for miles. But these are not screams of terror. They are screams of delight mixed with excited chatter! As we passed other visitors in Tornado Springs, we could see the joy written on everybody’s faces. The tornado theme is brilliant: it really feels as though the town is at the heart of a thrilling storm with poor farmyard animals who have been swept up in the tornado now settled on the rooftops!

Tornado Springs is full to the brim with amazing, exciting, magical rides. There really is something for everyone – whether you like calm rides, faster rides or thrill-seeking coasters.

Al’s Auto Academy

As you walk into the area, you are met by Al’s Auto Academy where you can learn how to drive. This is a great experience for all the family but particularly younger children who are able to drive their own cars with an adult sat behind.

Storm Chaser

The ‘Storm Chaser’ is a thrilling ride which we really recommend. Through twists, turns and bends at fast speeds, you will feel like you are riding in the eye of the tornado as you race along the track.

Everyone can enjoy Windmill Towers.  You are taken up to the clouds where you will have an amazing view of the whole park, before you drop like a helicopter seed back to the floor.

Windmill Towers

If -like us – you are a thrill-seeker, you will love one of our favourite rides – The Cyclonator. However, you will have to be brave and hold on tight as you find yourself chased by a storm. You will be whizzed around, thrown up and down as you spin through the air. It was so exciting that it took our breath away! We found out that this ride has the potential to perform a 360 degree turn – but don’t worry – Paultons don’t let the ride do this!


If you prefer something a little tamer, Buffalo Falls is for you. You can ride the waves, sliding down the slope with your friends or parents. Why not add a competitive edge by racing your companions? The Trekking Tractors are great way to have a relaxing drive as you take in the scenery and we’d also recommend that you take the little train ride to see all the rides on offer in this new world!

Buffalo Falls

In conclusion, Tornado Springs is a great day out for the whole family and a place you can enjoy with friends. It has a fantastic selection of rides and the American theme is fantastic – who could ask for more from a day out? It really is suitable for everyone – even teachers!

Tornado Springs
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