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Top for Thrills – Rides for Thrill Seekers

Tuesday 22nd May 2018
Written by: Marketing Team
Cobra rollercoaster

Paultons Park may be known for its family-friendly attractions, but if you are looking for a thrill we have some top rides for you too!

Here are the top 5 rides for you thrill seekers.

The Cobra

The Cobra is the parks largest, longest and fastest rollercoaster. It features a crazy mix of thrilling drops, exhilarating spirals, amazing turns and breath-taking ‘camel humps’. The Cobra’s carriages suspend over the side of the track, making you forget you are on a ride, and giving you the sensation of diving and swirling through the air.  This ride is a big hit with visitors and with the thrills it provides, it’s easy to see why.

We have been out in the Park today and here is what some of guests were saying:

“It was amazing, I think it’s the best ride here” – Matthew

“it was so epic, such a thrill ride” – Jamie


Walking towards Magma leads you through the inside of a smoking volcano, and when Magma erupts adventurers are spun and risen from the smoke, 25 metres into the open sky above. But don’t get too comfortable enjoying the incredible views, because a stomach churning plunge back into the fiery mountain awaits. The ride will make you feel weightless as you fall back down to earth, and leave you feeling like a real survivor.

Here is what some of our guests said today:

“It was brilliant, the drop made me feel really tingly” – Joe

“I really liked the queue line, feels like you’re in a volcano” – Ben

The Edge

Riders swoop and spin through the air reaching a height of 15 metres on a giant disc travelling along a 90 metre track at 43mph! EDGE features a ‘camelback’ hill to create an amazing floating sensation. Things will never be quite the same again once you have ridden on the EDGE!

The Raging River

A thrilling log flume that gives two mighty drops, the highest at 11 metres. You hit the water with a 1.5G-Force at about 60km an hour – creating a huge splash!

The Sky Swinger

Hold on tight as the awesome Sky Swinger takes you for a spin. Enjoy the ultimate classic carnival experience as you take a spin around the beautifully hand-decorated ride. Once your feet leave the floor sit back and look out at the view as you fly through the open sky. The ride also features special double seats so the smaller children don’t miss the fun and can enjoy the ride with mum or dad.

Here is what some our guests thought of it today:

“I really liked it, it was nice to be high and see the views” – Kat

“I loved it, I’m just a big kid at heart really” – Jakie

See if you and your family can take on the top 5 thrill rides at Paultons Park on your next visit.

Paultons Park

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