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Photo Opportunities in Peppa Pig World

Tuesday 22nd May 2018
Written by: Marketing Team
Daddy Pig's Car Ride

Inside Peppa Pig World there are a variety of official photograph opportunities to capture the special memories from your visit. Local mummy and author of the My Life My Love Blog Ali, guides you through them in our latest Blog post.

“As well as taking home fantastic memories from our time at Peppa Pig World, it’s always nice to have one or two of those memories in photo form, to be viewed forever.

In Peppa Pig World there are four separate opportunities to purchase official photographs. Two are orchestrated by a photographer and the other two are taken by flash photography during the rides.

Photography Magnets & Keyrings

Photos are priced at £9 each although I recommend a Photo Pass that can be bought for £25 which entitles the holder to 4 photos, that’s a massive £9 saving so well worth the money. The images can be purchased in 3 different formats:  A large 9”x6” photo which is presented in a Peppa Pig card frame. The frame is a standard, fun image of sky with clouds and a sun and makes the whole photo a generously sized 10”x8”. The back of the frame has two pull out stands so that the photo can be stood up independently, portrait or landscape depending on your photo. There is also the option of having the photo made into a keyring. The keyring measures 3”x2” and is made from a thick plastic so it feels very durable. The Peppa Pig World logo is on the other side of the keyring. The final option is for the photo to be made into a magnet. Again, this is exactly the same size as the keyring and made from the same thick plastic.

Madame Gazelles School House Scene at Peppa Pig World

Madame Gazelle’s School House was one of the photo opportunities which is manned by a member of staff. Children enter the school house and walk into the classroom where they are greeted by 4 lifesized characters of Peppa, George, Madame Gazelle and Suzy Sheep. Children can hug the characters or stand in between Peppa and George and hold their hands for the photo. The camera is positioned so that it is looking down onto the scene. A cuddly toy hangs from the camera tripod to encourage children to look up into the camera lens. The photographer took a couple of photos for us to choose from so that we could select our favourite.

Daddy Pig’s Car Ride allows up to 4 people to ride in Daddy Pig’s car to see the sights and some of the characters. We loved seeing Grandad dog’s Pick-Up Truck and watching the traffic lights change colour as we drove past. Children can ride in the front of the car so that they feel like they are really driving the car around using the rotating steering wheels and press the pretend dials on the dashboard. The camera is carefully positioned to capture the car coming around the bend to get a good view of all the passengers. We chose to have our photo made into a magnet.

Georges Dinosaur Adventure Ride Photography

George’s Dinosaur Adventure was another ride which used flash photography to capture the fun. Children and adults can ride on Mr. Dinosaur to trek through the sights. The main seat is for adults or children over 110cm. There is a smaller seat for children between 85-110cm tall. Children’s heights are measured before they ride. We loved the way Mr. Dinosaur rocked forwards and backwards during the ride and our favourite sight was the smoking volcano. We chose the keyring for our photo this time.

Peppa's Magic Photo Studio in Peppa Pig World

Our favourite photo opportunity which offered something a little bit different was Peppa’s Magic Photo Studio. Manned by staff, children select which background they would like themselves projected onto. The choices are: Splashing in muddy puddles with Peppa and her family; having a bath with George; riding a space rocket with Daddy Pig and Peppa and riding in Daddy Pig’s car.

Preparing for Peppas magic photo

In front of the green screen, staff position guests according to the backdrop selected. Images are then super imposed onto the chosen picture. We had two photos to choose from and then were given the option to enlarge the image slightly to make it more effective. Staff did well to capture Lola who is only 6 months! We love this fun photo: and my niece was so excited about her photo with George:

Peppa Pig Photo Scenes 2
Peppa Pig Photo Scenes 1

Each of the photo kiosks are well manned with friendly staff who worked very quickly to create each of the images we purchased. The photo options are clearly shown on TV screens so that you can see your image before you decide to purchase it. Each of the kiosks also sell souvenirs and momentoes, drinks and snacks. My top tip for the flash photography rides is to try to look out for the camera during the ride if you want everyone looking at the camera, although sometimes the unsuspecting, caught in the moment images are often the best, aren’t they?”

Peppa and family making Pan Cakes

There are of course many other areas to take pictures throughout Peppa’s world with beautiful gardens and flowers, the muddy puddles water splash park, Mr Potato’s adventure playground and inside Peppa Pig’s house!

Our thanks to Ali for this super guest post and guide to photography in Peppa Pig World. For more insightful tips and articles on family life visit:

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