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Paultons Park: Not just rides and rollercoasters!

Thursday 2nd December 2021
Written by: Marketing Team
Peppa Pig World

Paultons Park has been voted the UK’s number one theme park for four years in a row and counting. But there is so much for all guests to see and do, not just rides and rollercoasters!

For our guests with disabilities, or even if you just want to take a break from our rides, we have an extensive range of gardens and attractions. From John and Anne’s Garden (the founders of the Park) to Jungle Falls, meaning that the Park can be enjoyed by all who come to visit.

An African-themed mask in the Jungle Falls garden
Jungle Falls


Here at Paultons Park, we have a great range of Gardens for you to take a breath and relax. The Main Garden was once the site of Paultons House (which no longer remains). The Cedar trees that tower over the lush green grounds are over 160 years old! 

Within the Main Garden, there is the Japanese Garden, with water features, stones, and beautiful trees.

If you walk across from the Victorian Carousel Ride, some of the largest and most impressive plant life can be seen in the Victorian Garden. Our Victorian Carousel ride has accessible carriage access for wheelchair users, meaning it’s the perfect place for anyone to relax and watch the rides.

The Victorian Garden with the carousel in the background.
The Victorian Garden


Here at Paultons, there are many attractions (apart from the rides!) for guests to enjoy. 

As soon as you walk into the Park, there is the spectacular Floating Globe. It measures 1.5 metres in diameter, making it the largest of its type in the UK! Weighing a whopping 6.5 tonnes, it ‘floats’ on water jets and be rotated at the touch of a finger – incredible!

There is also the Water Mill, which was built around 1860 and is one of the last Poncelet Breast-Shot wheels in the UK. The beautiful Cedar trees that are present in the Main Garden? The Water Mill used to drive a rack saw bench in the sawmill where Cedar trees from the estate were brought for cutting.

One of the best picnic spots in the Park is the Rockery. Set in quiet and tranquil gardens, part of the old cellars of Paultons House have been retained and adapted to create this secluded little spot to enjoy a spot of lunch.

To see our colour-changing chameleons, fascinating clownfish, and brilliant little beastie bugs, come down to Beastie Burrow, a real-life bug emporium with bugs, fish, and reptiles.

The biggest floating globe in the UK.
Our Floating Globe: the largest in the UK!

Are you up for something a bit more thrilling? Why not grab the incredible opportunity to meet our realistic walking and roaring dinosaurs at the ALIVE! Dinosaur Encounter? Scream with delight as you get up close to these tame(ish) dinosaurs. Perfect if you’ve wrangled some of the rides and are looking for something different.

Have you ever seen the smallest rodents in Africa, as well as the biggest? How about the fennec fox or meerkats? You can embark on an animal adventure when travelling to Wild Lands! 

Little Africa is home to these creatures and at the centre, houses an incredible aviary with a mix of bird species such as the Java Sparrow and the Sun Conure. 

The aviary has a pathway, meaning that you can walk through and be with the birds. There is so much more, all for you to discover in Little Africa.

If you fancy something ‘cooler’, you can feed our brilliant and mischievous Humboldt Penguins. Brimming with personality and fun, you can be sure to see their antics in the penguin pool with underwater viewing areas.

A penguin looking onto the water.
Humboldt Penguin


These attractions are just some of the few you can see and be a part of if you are looking for something a bit different from our conventional rides. Best of all, we hold ourselves to high accessibility standards. The Park, including the gardens and attractions have all been designed to be fully accessible for people with disabilities. This is through:

  • Having nearly all paths flat and tarmacked.
  • Special car parking in the main car park.
  • All restaurants and shops are wheelchair accessible.
  • Ample accessible toilet facilities.
  • Wheelchair users can hire wheelchairs free of charge whilst at the Park.
The Main Garden, with green spaces to eat and relax.
The Main Gardens

We have a much more detailed list of our offerings here.

You can also find an updated list of our vouchers and offers here.

If you change your mind and decide you do want to experience our rollercoasters and rides, then our Queue Assist Policy allows guests who are unable to queue priority access to our rides, so we have covered the bases.

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