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What is a shadow payment?

Tuesday 26th January 2021

When paying for an order, your bank will send us an authorisation code to confirm there are funds in the account. 

Your bank will then proceed to ‘shadow’ the value of your order (this means they reserve the funds so that they cannot be spent elsewhere). The bank does this in anticipation of receiving a successful status against the transaction. 

When the bank is advised the transaction has been successful and that the funds are to be processed, this will ensure the funds are allocated correctly. However, if the transaction is not successfully completed (e.g. if the payment is declined or rejected) then the funds will re-appear in your ‘available balance’.

Occasionally the ‘shadow’ may remain on your account for between 3-6 days depending on your bank.

Should you have any queries in relation to a status of a payment or booking, please call 02380 814442.

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