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Do I have to queue again if another person in my party can’t ride as they are looking after a child?

Friday 15th January 2021

Tot Swap allows parents to enjoy the height restricted rides when visiting the Park with Toddlers. It is available at: 

Edge, Cobra, Magma, Sky Swinger, Raging River Ride, Pirate Ship, Kontiki, Cat-O-Pillar, Dragon Ride, Flight of the Pterosaur, Velociraptor, Temple Heights, Storm Chaser, Cyclonator, Windmill Towers and Al’s Auto Academy.

The Tot Swap service is simple and operates as follows:

  • Guests queue for the first go with the largest part of the group
  • They enjoy the ride
  • The Guests request their Tot Swap ticket from the ride operator as they exit the ride
  • The second group of Guests (no more than 2) return to the ride via the exit for their go before the stated time on the ticket

All normal ride height, age and restrictions still apply and Guests need to redeem their Tot Swap within the 10 minute time given which will be stated on the ticket by the ride operator.

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