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Where to eat and drink at Paultons Park

Friday 15th January 2021

Can I bring a picnic?

You are welcome to bring a picnic as we have loads of green open spaces and picnic areas across the Park.  The best locations to picnic are in the main gardens, in the field next to the Cobra or the field opposite the Sky Swinger.  There are also many picnic benches across the Park.  Please note BBQ’s are not permitted.

Paultons has many Food & Beverage outlets across the Park. Our menus are bursting with flavours and family favourites. We serve vegetarian, vegan and nut free dishes or if you prefer, try a hearty Paultons breakfast, fish and chips or a tasty burger – it’s up to you! We have adult and children’s menu options to help fill those hungry tummies.  

Are you able to cater for guests with specific dietary requirements?

When you arrive at the Park, please ask to speak to one of our Food & Beverage Supervisors who will be on duty and they will be pleased to assist. If you have anything that may require some forward planning prior to your visit please contact us on 02380 814442.

Do you have places to purchase food?

We have a number of catering outlets across the Park, serving a variety of different meals. As well as our fast food kiosks and coffee shops, we also have our Wild Forest Restaurant which serves freshly cooked, waitress served meals.

For more information please visit our Food and Drink page.

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