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3 Reasons Why You Will Love the Penguins at Paultons

Tuesday 22nd May 2018
Written by: Marketing Team
Penguins at Paultons Park

Paultons is home to a spectacular Penguin Pool where our family of Humboldt Penguins splash and swim around. These water loving birds can swim at up to speeds of 20 miles per hour and can walk faster than humans!

We have 17 penguins in total at the Park.  The oldest penguins have been at Paultons since  January 2004, and our dedicated team of livestock keepers look after the animals every day.

Here are 3 more reasons why you will love seeing the Penguins at Paultons Park.

1. Underwater viewing area

See our family of Humboldt Penguins through our underwater viewing area.

2. Feeding sessions with live commentary

Penguin Feeding at Paultons Park

Watch Paultons group of Humboldt Penguins daily feeding sessions that take place at 12 noon and 3.30pm with live commentary from one of our keepers. (During advertised opening dates).

3. Children will love seeing the Penguins waddle, splash and swim around

Penguins at Paultons Park 2

Humboldt Penguins will fascinate and entertain all the family as they go about their daily business.

 Fun, fantastic facts about Penguins

Penguins are birds with black and white feathers and they walk with a little shuffle. They are unable to fly like most birds.  Penguins spend 75% of their time underwater looking for food. When they are underwater it looks like they are flying, as they flap their wings.

Penguins at Paultons Park
Penguins at Paultons Park

Penguins eat seafood and their main diet is fish, though they’ll also eat squid, small krill and crustaceans. Penguins can see better underwater than they do in the air. In the wild this means they have exceptional eyesight to observe prey while hunting, even in dark, grey and gloomy water. Even though you cannot see the penguin’s ears, they do have excellent hearing. They rely on distinct calls to identify their mates in breeding grounds. As penguins do not have teeth, they use their beak to hold onto wriggling prey. To get a good grip of the food, penguins have spines on the roof of their beak and the spines on their tongues.

Penguins at Paultons Park
Penguins at Paultons Park

Penguins pant like dogs to cool off, as this way it stops them from overheating. Also they hold their wings away from their bodies and ruffle their feathers.

Paultons Penguins can be seen in the pool adjacent to Peppa Pig World.

Paultons Park 

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