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Tornado Springs Construction By Aanya, Tabetha, Henry and Henry

Wednesday 18th March 2020
Written by: Marketing Team
site tour tornado springs construction

On a cold, brisk Monday morning, we were lucky enough to be invited to observe the construction of ‘Tornado Springs,’ a new and fabulous adventure land being built at Paultons Park.

We were excited to be granted special access to this new site – this masterpiece at Paultons has yet to be seen by many of the staff so it was a really big privilege to watch the building work underway. 500 workers from across Europe have all played a part in constructing this fantastic world! Envisaged in 2017, it is amazing to finally see the creation of ‘Tornado Springs’ begin to come alive.

Already, we can see that Tornado Springs is themed to be a 1950s American town which has just been hit by a ferocious tornado.  If you look closely, you will see that all sorts of animals and objects have been swept up by this twister and landed in unpredictable places. We saw a cow stuck on the roof, a chicken perching on a balcony, a sheep on top of the barn (which will be the restrooms) and a chair on the roof of the diner. 

The ‘Route 83’ diner will serve some tasty American dishes. You will be able to enjoy juicy burgers, long, plump hotdogs, succulent salads and extremely fabulous milkshakes. If you are really hungry – don’t worry -12 delicious burgers can be cooked from frozen to perfect in under a minute on the special grill. The restaurant can hold up to 300 people and will cater for allergens! Well worth a visit!

Visitors to the park will be most excited about the new rides in this 4 acre land. If you are older than 4 years and are taller than 1m, you can experience all the rides although there is plenty for everyone to do no matter what your size.

We were astonished by the incredible ‘Cyclonator,’ a giant wheel holding up to 30 people which spins and swings its passengers up to 120°. To us, this sounds insane! However, there is no doubt that this ride looks amazing and will satisfy even the older, more adventurous visitor.

There is a phenomenal, colossal rollercoaster, standing 20 metres high, being built called the Storm Chaser.  Costing 4.5 million pounds to build, this ride is sure to be a big attraction. Two vehicles will hold up to 16 passengers and spin round a very twisty track, at some points twisting the passengers 90°!  It looks to be a thrilling, breath-taking ride that everyone will be desperate to try.

For those people who remember and miss the ‘Jumpin’ Jack’ rides, there are two smaller drop towers that younger children will enjoy. Who doesn’t love the thrill of the sudden drop? Remember ‘Wave Runner?’ This will be re-themed and revamped into ‘Buffalo Falls,’ an exciting dinghy ride that leaves you flying from bumps and racing down the slopes.

On the flip side, there are gentler rides that younger or less adventurous explorers might enjoy. The trekking tractors will puff along a track while riders can look out for the hidden groundhogs. Want to get yourself a driving license? Well then, the driving school, Al’s Auto Academy will be perfect for you. You can drive small cars, speeding around the track and avoiding obstacles in order to pass your test! 

Playgrounds are dotted around the area and feature sturdy climbing frames and slippery slides. ‘Junkyard Junction’ looks great for older children while there are other playgrounds that younger children will enjoy.

The Rio Grande train, a family favourite, will re-open, travelling through this whole new land on its journey around the park.

Do you want a daring new adventure? Are you a daredevil or do you prefer more gentle rides? Whatever your answer, ‘Tornado Springs’ will be perfect for you!

We cannot wait for the opening!

By Aanya, Tabetha, Henry and Henry

Sherborne House School, Hampshire

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