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Questions people ask about Peppa Pig Theme Park

Wednesday 24th November 2021
Written by: Marketing Team
peppa pig theme park

Is there a Peppa Pig theme park?

Yes. The original Peppa Pig World is part of Paultons Family Theme Park based in Hampshire, UK. There are nine fun-filled rides to enjoy.

You can take a drive in Daddy Pig’s Car Ride or visit the go on George’s Dinosaur Adventure, where you can ride on rocking dinosaur cars. Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride gives you great views over the park, and if you squint, you’ll see our most recently installed ride, Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club. It’s great if you’re a fan of water rides, as you take to the waters in Grampy Rabbit’s boats.

Apart from these great rides, there are many attractions within Peppa Pig World to enjoy. There is the soft play area known as George’s Spaceship Playzone, you can jump, splish and splash in the Muddy Puddles. You can even meet Peppa Pig and George Pig, and if you’re lucky, some of their friends may come along to meet you too.

Peppa Pig World. A picture of Peppa and the Queen at Grampy Rabbit's Sailing Club.
Grampy Rabbits Sailing Club

Where is Peppa Pig theme Park?

Peppa Pig World is located within the Paultons Family Theme Park, which located in the beautiful New Forest in Hampshire, UK. is the original Peppa Pig theme park, which showcases nine brilliant rides and four fantastic attractions. The official address is: Paultons Park, Ower, Romsey, The New Forest, Hampshire, SO51 6AL.

It is easily accessible via Exit 2 on the M27, close to the New Forest National Park. There are brown tourist signs along the motorway to help you when you are nearby. If you are visiting via train, the nearest mainline stations are Southampton Airport Parkway and Southampton Central. Both stations are within 10 miles of the Park, with a 15 minute taxi drive from the station, you’ll be there in no time. If you want to find out more about how to get to Peppa Pig World, click here.

The great thing about Peppa Pig World, is that when you buy a ticket for the whole Park, entry to Peppa Pig World is included, making it a fun day out for the family!

A picture of Grandpa Pig's Little Train Ride. A train ride with Grandpa Pig at the front with a family in the carriages.
Grandpa Pig’s Little Train Ride

What is Peppa Pig World?

Peppa Pig World is one of five themed worlds at Paultons Park, which was established in 1983 by the Mancey family, who still own and run the Park today. Opening in 2011, this was a world-first and a UK-exclusive opportunity to introduce Peppa Pig on a larger and much more interactive scale. Featuring nine rides and three attractions, it is home to all things Peppa Pig, including the largest merchandise store of its kind in the world. Ever since its inception, it has grown massively in popularity, and we are proud to be the home of Peppa Pig. What is Peppa Pig World? Click the link for more information.   

Peppa Pig and George Pig

Did Boris Johnson visit Peppa Pig World?

Yes, the UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, visited Peppa Pig World on the 21st of November 2021. Mr Johnson, together with his wife Carrie and their one-year-old son, Wilfred, enjoyed a day out at the UK’s number one theme park Paultons Park, as voted by Tripadvisor for five years running. They rode on Peppa Pig World rides such as Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club and Daddy Pig’s Car Ride.

It was widely reported in the media that Mr Johnson’s trip to Peppa Pig World inspired his speech to the Confederation of British Industry on the 22nd November, when he said that he ‘loved it. Peppa Pig World is very much my kind of place; it has very safe streets, discipline in schools…’ before saying we ‘must all go to Peppa Pig World’.

With magical rides such as Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight and The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride, it’s no wonder that Mr Johnson and his family had a wonderful time at Paultons Park! To echo the Prime Minister’s comments, if you haven’t been to Peppa Pig World yet, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now to visit the UK’s leading family attraction.

A picture of Boris Johnson sitting in a small blue car with his son, Wilfred as they ride around Tornado Springs.
Boris Johnson in Tornado Springs (credit: Daily Mail)

What age is Paulton’s Peppa Pig Theme Park suitable for?

Peppa Pig World is for children aged 1 to 6. However, your child may be old enough, but they may not be tall enough. Whilst the majority rides in Peppa Pig World do not have height restrictions, George’s Dinosaur Adventure has a 0.85m height restriction. If you plan to explore this Peppa Pig Theme Park’s various attractions and themed world rides, make sure you measure your child before you go, so you can enjoy what the Park has to offer.

A picture of George's Dinosaur Adventure. A woman and a small child are sitting on one of the dinosaurs as it rides around the circuit.
George’s Dinosaur Adventure

Can you take a pram to New Forest’s Peppa Pig theme park?

Yes. With our flat, tarmacked pathways, you can definitely bring your pram Peppa Pig World to take your little ones around. Stollers can be left in front of rides in plain view for you to watch whilst enjoying the rides. If you need a breather, we have lots of green, open spaces for you to walk your child to sleep or for you to take a break. If you don’t fancy taking your buggy in the car, you can hire a single or double pram at the park for a fee. Remember: if you plan to hire a pram from the Park, it has to be pre-booked on our website. They cannot be booked on the day at the Park’s gate. To book yours, click here.

A Paulton's Park single stroller for hire. Please note that these have to be booked in advance.
Single Stroller hire at Paultons Park

What should I bring to Peppa Pig World?

Peppa Pig World is an outdoor attraction, so expect most of the day to be spent outside. When you first arrive at Paultons’ Peppa Pig Theme World, make sure to grab a Lost Child Sticker from the first aid centre on Show Street for peace of mind. In the colder months (October-March) we recommend hats, gloves, rain jackets, umbrellas and wellies. In the warmer months (June-September), sunglasses, sun cream, hats and swimming costumes are ideal, especially if the kids want to enjoy our outdoor splash parks or water rides. When preparing to enter Peppa Pig World, get things like sun cream and appropriate clothing sorted, so your kids don’t get irate. Maybe some pig snort practicing is in order to get the family in the mood?

A picture of guests enjoying Grandpa Pig's Boat Trip, which is a water ride.
Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip

What are the most popular rides at Peppa Pig world?

According to our own data, Tripadvisor and other sources, Peppa Pig World in general is one of our more popular themed worlds here at Paultons Park. If you can get here earlier in the day, we suggest riding the most popular rides in Peppa Pig World: Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight, Peppa Pig’s Balloon Ride and Daddy Pig’s Car Ride. As these tend to get busier as the day moves on.

George and Peppa Pig in front of Peppa's Big Balloon Ride.
George and Peppa Pig
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